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EQ Fortwo Prime

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Vehicle Factsheet
50 km
Exterior Colour
Body panels in Titania Grey Matt / Tridion Safety Cell In Graphite
Interior Colour
Body Type
Year 0: €0
Year 1: €0
Year 2: €0
Year 3: €0
Year 4: €0
Year 5: €0
Year 6+: €10

Key Information

Model: Smart Eq Fortwo PRIME + A03


Colour/trim: – Body panels in Titania Grey Matt / Tridion Safety Cell In Graphite



211        Electric Power Steering                               STD

240        Led-Daytime Running Lights                      STD

294        Kneebag For Driver                                     STD

426        Auto Transmission                                      STD

440        Cruise Control                                              STD

723        Load Compt Cover Icw P23                        STD

925        Zero-Emission For Electric Drive               STD

989        Identification Label Under winds              STD

B18        Spectacles Compartment For Drive          STD

B49a     Charging Cable For Wallbox & Pub           STD

C04        Digital Radio                                                 STD

E18        Rear Window Heated                                  STD

H15       Accessories Bag For Charging Cable         STD

I01         Auto Climate Control                                  STD

I59         Leather Steering wheel                              STD

I63         Glove Comp Lock ICw P23                          STD

ICLA      Passion + A02                                               STD

J37         Height-Adj Steering Icw P23                      STD

MR        Mb Flexible Charging System                    STD

P23        Plus Package                                                 STD

V41       Tyre Pressure Monitoring System            STD

EAI        Bodypanels In Titania Grey (matt)

ICVA      Prime

S55        Height-Adj Driver Seat Iew P23

V21       Elec Adj & Heat Mirr Iw P23

EAIO     Bodypanels In Titania Grey Matt

EM1U   Tridion Safety Cell In Graphite

ICVA      Prime + A03

P45        Exclusive Package

524        Smart Media-System Connect with

E22        Panoramic Roof Icw P44/45

I57         Stowage Net Icw P44/45

J43         Auto Dim Rear Mirror Iew P45

J59         Cons W/Drawer & Arm Iew P43/44/4

J66         Retainer Belt ew P44/45

K32        Full Led Headlamps ICW P45

U37       Front Fog Lamps ICw P45

V52       Rear Sensors + Camera ICw P44 45

V54       Rain Licht Sensor ICw P45

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